Love Revelation: I am a Radical Self-Love Ambassador…

I call myself a Radical Self-Love Ambassador, and as fun and “what is that?” as it sounds, I really mean it. And sometimes I can forget that I really mean it or what it even means. So, I’m declaring it here so that I begin to create it, and so that you can be a part of it, too. 

Here’s what that looks like for me: Bring me into your companies, your organizations, your women’s groups, your men’s groups, your churches, your workshops & retreats and I’ll use my potent gift to make art with words, my music, my powerful inquiries and my capacity to facilitate transformative conversations as we talk about shame, about the path to freedom, about humility as a celebration of ALL of our strengths, about the magic of vulnerability and the power & connection we discover through authentically expressing who we are, about getting clear and having the courage to pursue what we REALLY want in our lives…I’ll talk about what self-love REALLY is, what it looks like and why it actually matters. And I’ll do it in a way that has everyone taking deep breaths and discovering their own precious power in the process.

Bring me in to be a presenter, to creatively inspire and to facilitate conversations with your young people and teens in your schools and organizations as I create a space for them to laugh at themselves and love themselves at the same time…for perhaps the first time in a really long time. I’ll create the space for them to find permission to be who they REALLY are and to like what they find.

Being a Radical Self-Love Ambassador means that in the months and years ahead I will be touring the world and having people get all the way into the cells of their bones that there is nothing wrong with them and that they are deeply and truly loved.

It means published books, and more recorded albums of my original music. It means creating performance art and one-woman shows and creating workshops where people get to share and release their stories of shame and embrace what makes them beautiful and unique.

It means listening for what lights you up in our one-on-one conversations so that you walk away, unleashed, empowered and being more YOU than ever before.

It means leaving the grocery clerk and the coffee barrista and the woman who cleans at my gym GETTING that they matter and are appreciated not just for what they do and also for who they are.

It means continuing to take on my dreams, becoming intimate with my own doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. It means loving myself despite the voice that tells me “I never get it right.” It means being really human and therefore, really lovable, so that you get to see how lovable that you are, too.

And so, I’m declaring this here today as what I’m in the midst of creating. I don’t know how it’s all going to go yet or exactly what it will look like as it unfolds…and being in communication with you seemed like a great place to start.

If you love what you read in my posts if you are inspired by the possibility of having me LIVE at your event or doing work within your organization or community…then EMAIL ME and we’ll begin a life-changing conversation about what that could actually look like.

All my love,


©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Do you remember what Surrender feels like?

I woke up feeling heavy, on the verge of getting sick, like I could sleep forever. Efforting at my life, not loving my life, feeling lost and alone and in between. I managed to shower and put myself together and get my butt to a cafe. And then this happened: Out of the blue a dear special person in my life, who I’ve not been well-connected to lately texted me (conversation shared with permission) and so worth reading to the end.

Him: Just finished The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Goes nicely with Jed McKenna.

Me: Ooh! Thank you, Love!

Him: Been reading Jed?

Me: Yes. Stepped away from it briefly amidst my Brooklyn move (I’m there now!) a good reminder to revisit him.

Him: How’s NYC?

Me: It’s very NYC! Hahaha! I’m enjoying learning a new structural language for my life here and am also very tired. Needing to pace myself. Looking for a room to sublet while I rent a room from a friend for the month. Start the Landmark Introduction Leaders Program tomorrow, which I’m excited about–an opportunity to meet some amazing peeps and keep expanding. I’m in the midst of a big uplevel. Lots of stuff moving and shifting!

(Where the magic happens)

Him: Did you start some efforting again, Miss Simonson?

(Some internal resistance to this question)

Me: Hmmmmm…much of this has unfolded with ease. And yes, efforting. I guess I’m not experiencing a clear distinction between efforting and not efforting. I decided that I wanted to do the into leaders program which starts tomorrow, and I definitely had to move my booty to get here to fulfill on that desire. Truly, though, I think I’ve been pretty uplifted in this process. It’s more the daily coping with complete newness and being connected to the internal sense of home amidst perceived chaos. So yes, efforting. 🙂

Him: 🙂 Remember what surrender feels like?

Me: Yes.

Him: Which one do you prefer?


Him: Me too. 🙂 Do you remember your way back?

Me: Maybe not.

Him: You don’t create stuff that looks like what you’re thinking. You create stuff that looks like what you’re feeling.

Me: Mmmm…yes.

Him: So I would look for any places where you’ve placed a higher value on what you’re thinking about in the moment than on how you’re feeling in the moment. I would look for opportunities to say no to things I would have definitely said yes to in the past. I would make my default answer NO, unless it’s a HELL YES. But if it’s a hell yes, that’s pretty obvious.

Me: Yes. Like “making money” and “finding the perfect” apartment.

Him: Yeah, stop thinking about those things if they don’t light you up. Get back to lavish self-care.

Me: Def doing that…my heart says, “beauty please” so that’s what’s been pulling me. 🙂

Him: Good. Be monomaniacal about that.

Me: I love these insights so much. Thank you!

Him: Lose yourself in creating beauty for you. Forget everything else.

Me: Yay! Deep nourishing breath filling my lungs…

Him: That’s truth recognition.

Me: Yes…as are the watery eyes.

Him: If you create from wanting safety, approval, and control, you create a world where you need those things. And they’re all imaginary. I prefer a world where I’m free from wanting those things.

Me: I can feel the distinction. Perfect.

Him: Wanting is the opposite of having. If you don’t want them, you never lose them. You’re perfect. And your existence is the gift. Not your struggle.

Me: Smile of truth recognition.

Him: Just be. No doing required – ever.

Me: You are amazing. Thank you for this precious gift.

Him: Always a pleasure to give you back to you. 🙂

And I’m left feeling opened, softened and deeply loved. I am so blessed.

©2014 Melissa Simonson

“I may not know what aisle the bread is in, but I can transform lives!”

Funny statement of the afternoon, while in a phone session with a client: (Me to my client) “I may not know what aisle the bread is in, but I can transform lives!”

As I relish moments of feeling comfortable in my new city, and feel like it is taking all that I have just to meet basic needs day-to-day as every moment is a new discovery, I find that when I am doing my work, when I am holding sacred space for my clients as healer, freedom catalyst, and a beacon of radical self-love I am HOME.

When I am living in alignment with the call of my soul, when I am acting on what REALLY matters to me in my heart, I am HOME.

As I bring others home to the truth of who they are, I come home to myself.

I’m so grateful for this awareness today.

©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Stuck? Confused? Afraid to make a wrong move? I get you. I’m with you on that path.

A few years ago, I experienced a channeled angelic reading in which I learned about the soul contract I created before coming into this life. It was transformative and profound for me–mostly because what she said resonated with me deeply as truth and also because I had never lived my life believing in or experiencing the presence of angels. I am deeply grateful to Audrey Cole, that amazing channeler, for the gift she offered me through her abilities.

I find myself thinking about this reading today because she expressed very clearly that in creating my soul contract, I asked for the ability to speak my truth in all of its forms and that I am here to be a divine messenger–that the more honest and real that I get in sharing my experience the farther my reach will become, the more people I will touch with my light and the more love I will receive in the process. She expressed that I know deep down that everyone has a story to tell, and I’m here to melt away feelings of shame and unworthiness, and transform them into love.

As tears formed in my eyes and I was nodding YES around every turn, she also said this one thing that is very present with me today: When forming my soul contract, I also asked that I go through LOTS & LOTS of challenging experiences so that I could know what it is to be truly heartbroken, to nearly fail, to have doubts–to have true empathy for the fear of not being a success. And whether I contracted for this in my life or not, I am very aware that I am consciously choosing to take on this move to Brooklyn, NY for this very reason–this move is just one of many choices I’ve made over the course of my life to expand my edges and discover what is truly possible for me…and for you. I want to feel it all, to experience it all so that I have that much more compassion, that much more insight to offer as I hold space for others who are also in the process of pursuing their dreams with everything that they have.

It is for this choice to take on my dreams with such vigor, to thrust myself into the unknown murky waters of transformation that I am so brilliant at what I do. Just like my experience of Audrey Cole, I hold up a mirror for my clients to see ALL of who they are and the sacred gifts they are here to offer, and the actions they can take that are truly in alignment with their soul’s purpose. I create an experience of deep clarity, of beauty, of understanding–and I do it all with a great amount of empathy and gentleness because I continually choose to walk WAY outside of my comfort zone again and again. If I did, indeed, contract to take my life on in this way, I’m SO grateful to my sweet soul for that choice. And on the days where life feels unbearably hard for me, I love to come back to that reminder: Oh yeah. I chose this. I’m here to serve, and this path I am on is the perfect curriculum for RADICAL service.

And so, If you find yourself swept up in overwhelm, terrified of taking a wrong step, doubting yourself, fearing that you will not succeed on the brave path that you have chosen–I get you. I am with you on that path. And if you find yourself longing to take on your life as an adventure, to pursue a deep down joyous dream, and you feel paralyzed to even begin, you feel stuck and confused, you can’t find the first step–I get you. I am with you on that path. If you are struggling to hear the call of your inner voice amidst all of the outside voices, if you are struggling to balance what you want with the wants of all those around you, if you are afraid of disappointing, of losing love and support somehow as a result of your choices–I get you. I am with you on that path.

And I was born to serve you, to meet you exactly where you are, to support you as you unleash, to love you as you doubt yourself. I was born to get you and to help you gain access to ALL of who you are so that you can fall madly in love with yourself, pursue your dreams and create deep fulfillment in your life and relationships. This is what I offer you through my soul-mapping work, and I’ve been practicing my entire life in order to serve you in the highest. And as I continue to dive into the depths of my own dreams, my capacity to hold space for you will only grow.

How frickin’ cool is that?

I love you.


©2014 Melissa Simonson