No victims, no villains…and no heroes either.

No victims, no villains…and no heroes either.

Whole people living and breathing as whole people–this is the vision I hold in my heart.

Among the most challenging roles for me to give up has been that of hero, saving the world. I now see that where there are heroes, there must also be villains and victims…and those are all just roles we choose to play and project in response to our circumstances that do not empower anyone.

What’s left when we shed these stories of what’s happening “to us” or “by us?” Simply life, as it is, unfolding. A blank slate for us to add whatever meaning we choose.

So I’m not a hero or a victim or a villain.

I’m choosing to be a lover because for me, when I let go of those roles, I’m simply left with a desire to love with my whole being and let my actions arise, naturally from that place.

Nothing to save and a whole lot to love.


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