You Are:


A person who longs to live a life of freedom.

You want:  

Joy and Fulfillment.

Chances are good that you know, deep down that you were born to make a loving difference in the world around you through your full expression


  • You feel stuck—which path is the right one to take?
  • Your head is spinny with confusion and overwhelm.
  • You are afraid that you’ll make a wrong move, somehow, that will lead to more stuckness, disillusionment, and unhappiness.
  • You’ve lost your confidence & trust in your inner voice to guide you.

You long for the deep release that comes with full-on CLARITY, to know without a doubt the actions that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams, to the life that sets your soul on fire with passion and purpose.

Through a combination of intuitive mentor-ship, soul-purpose astrology, and self-love coaching, I am here to give you direct access to YOUR right way, and to ignite your passion and confidence in the process. In the midst of all of the choices that you are bombarded with constantly, I am here to hold sacred space for you and to use my own laser insight to help you clear away all of that clutter so that all that is left is ONE voice. ONE path. ONE truth: Yours.

How would you like a precious space to hear the whisper of your spirit… And limitless permission to follow where it leads?

To be met from a place of realness and honesty…lightness and depth…
To be fully heard and SEEN and to see yourself, authentically—
To see your darkness and your light and to be left in love and in awe of your magnificent, undeniable BEAUTY?

How would you like a sacred space to heal your deepest wounds—To TRUST YOUR INNER VOICE, to transform, and release so that you can blossom into knowing yourself as whole, complete…POWERFUL AND FREE?

And how would you like, in that new opening we create, to discover clearly and with ease the DEEPEST PURPOSE OF YOUR SOUL? To be ignited with passion, with courage and confidence, and to know deeply in your bones…
your own unique path,
the actions and ways of being
that will leave you fulfilled
as you pursue your most precious dreams?

When you are disconnected from the inner call of your soul…

…even the little decisions in life show up as overwhelm. Getting out of bed in the morning often feels like a chore. Work FEELS like work. You’re numb, you feel meaningless, and one day bleeds into the next. Life just feels hard, and you may find yourself weepy, anxious and exhausted. There is disconnection and frustration in your relationships. Finances feel stagnant. You feel unsupported and alone on your path. It seems that getting what you want in life only comes with struggle.

If there is MAGIC in life, you can’t seem to see or feel it, no matter how hard you try.

When you know exactly what you are here for, life takes a quantum leap. 

You walk in the world with the full-on confidence that comes with CLARITY. You feel PASSIONATE and alive. Your creativity is unleashed. Challenges that used to feel like insurmountable obstacles show up as exciting opportunities for growth. You take action and create desired results, effortlessly. You know what you want and you ask for it. You become irresistibly lit-up from the inside out and money, opportunities, relationships, adventures…experiences of JOY & FREEDOM are drawn to you magnetically and with ease. You touch those around you with the love that you radiate, naturally, from your core. You feel connected and guided by a loving force greater than yourself.

You fall in love with yourself and the life you are creating. You are an unstoppable force for good.

The Soul Purpose Astrology Breakdown

  • I share intuitive wisdom that I glean from your Astrological Chart so that we can look at and understand your WHOLE being—the places where you’re wounded and ways that you can create & experience suffering, the obstacles that are meant for your transformation, your most sacred superpowers, your most fulfilling path and deepest soul purpose. I will hold up a mirror for you to see the blind-spots that you have on your path to fulfillment—you will have access to new actions and ways of being that will transform areas of struggle in your life into areas of delicious joy and ease. This process can take up to 2.5 hours.
  • We then schedule a follow-up phone call to further support you in applying the insights gleaned to your life and answer any additional questions.

And through it all, you will feel cherished, fully seen, and deeply loved. You will walk away from this session with a clear map of who you are, where you want to go and how to get there, feeling FREE and unleashed to clearly and confidently make choices aligned with your highest purpose—in EVERY area of your life.

The Back-story

I’ve been honing my craft as an Astrologer since I was 7-years-old. 7-YEARS-OLD! For the past 25 years, I’ve been pouring my heart into discovering my own soul-path and in turn, supporting others in discovering theirs. At age 25, I trained as a Life Coach, and shortly thereafter chose to combine my powerful intuitive capabilities as an Astrologer with my powerful capacity to help people tune into their own inner knowing and inspire them to take passionate action toward the fulfillment of their dreams.

You might say that I was born to do this work.

A few years ago, I experienced a channeled angelic reading in which I learned about the soul contract I created before coming into this life. She expressed very clearly that in creating my soul contract, I asked for the ability to speak my truth in all of its forms and that I am here to be a divine messenger—that the more honest and real that I get in sharing my experience the farther my reach will become, the more people I will touch with my light and the more love I will receive in the process. She expressed that I know deep down that everyone has a story to tell, and I’m here to melt away feelings of shame and unworthiness, and transform them into love.

As tears formed in my eyes and I was nodding YES around every turn, she also said this one thing that is very present with me today: When forming my soul contract, I also asked that I go through LOTS & LOTS of challenging experiences so that I could know what it is to be truly heartbroken, to nearly fail, to have doubts—to have true empathy for the fear of not being a success. I want to feel it all, to experience it all so that I have that much more compassion, that much more insight to offer as I hold space for others who are also in the process of pursuing their dreams with everything that they have.

It is for this choice to take on my own dreams with such vigor, to thrust myself into the unknown murky waters of transformation that I am so brilliant at what I do. I am able to hold up a mirror for my clients to see ALL of who they are and the sacred gifts they are here to offer, and the actions they can take that are truly in alignment with their soul’s purpose. I create an experience of deep clarity, of beauty, of understanding—and I do it all with a great amount of empathy and gentleness because I continually choose to walk WAY outside of my comfort zone again and again. If I did, indeed, contract to take my life on in this way, I’m SO grateful to my sweet soul for that choice. And on the days where life feels unbearably hard for me, I love to come back to that reminder: Oh yeah. I chose this. I’m here to serve, and this path I am on is the perfect curriculum for RADICAL service.

And so, If you find yourself swept up in overwhelm, terrified of taking a wrong step, doubting yourself, fearing that you will not succeed on the brave path that you have chosen—I get you. I am with you on that path. And if you find yourself longing to take on your life as an adventure, to pursue a deep down joyous dream, and you feel paralyzed to even begin, you feel stuck and confused, you can’t find the first step—I get you. I am with you on that path. If you are struggling to hear the call of your inner voice amidst all of the outside voices, if you are struggling to balance what you want with the wants of all those around you, if you are afraid of disappointing, of losing love and support somehow as a result of your choices—I get you. I am with you on that path.

And I was born to serve you, to meet you exactly where you are, to support you as you unleash, to love you as you doubt yourself. I was born to get you and to help you gain access to ALL of who you are so that you can fall madly in love with yourself, pursue your dreams and create deep fulfillment in your life and relationships. This is what I offer you through my Soul Purpose Astrology work, and I’ve been practicing my entire life in order to serve you in the highest. And as I continue to dive into the depths of my own dreams, my capacity to hold space for you will only grow.

How frickin’ cool is that?

Soulful Success Stories

ZoeJones“At the time I hired Melissa, I was seeking influences that might guide my direction with greater clarity. Working with Melissa lead me to a feeling of being seen, which resulted in a shift to self intuitiveness, a sense of personal empowerment. Issues brought up in my reading were issues I had secretly been conscious of but would have never spoken them out loud. It was a gentle reminder of past lives & my relationship, in the Here & Now, to them. Right off the bat, I have to say, one of my favorite parts of working with Melissa is her gentleness. She is subtle like a sister, like a tender friend guiding me toward aspects of myself that are clear enough to be seen by an educated, intuitive other. Yet, easily overlooked by my Self. The sense of calm, steadiness, the sense of Truth being released as she shared her insights was comforting & validating to my experience as a whole. My experience of her was one of Truth, a knowing that what she was sharing was Truth. She have an affinity for trust & comfort that cannot be denied. Melissa is authentic. She comes from a place of spiritual innocence… not guilelessness, but Truth in its purest form. her eagerness to spread comfort & peace is unwavering & inspiring. She has continued to keep up with me after a couple of years after 1 reading. She has NEVER not been there for me.” ~ Zoe Jones, Professional Photographer, Chattanooga, Tennessee

SabrinaBodden“I was experiencing a lot of resistance over the growth of my business and the clearing of struggles within some important relationships. My session with Melissa brought up a lot of uncomfortable truths, but her insightful and compassionate guidance helped me see things in a way that allowed me to be more open to different possibilities, and helped me begin to make major progress in my work and personal life. My favorite part about working with Melissa is that she is able to identify things that are a huge part of my life, but that I was unable to see from my own shoes. She did this in such a loving way that even though she confronted some of my demons, I always felt cared for and nurtured, and as if I was “good” the way I am. The works she does had a much bigger impact on me than I ever imagined before our session, and I think it is so effective because of her vast knowledge and the authentic connection she creates with those she is serving. Since working with Melissa, I’m now able to notice when I am sabotaging my own interests and to choose a new path.” ~ Sabrina Bodden, Massage Therapist and Founder of NūNa Wellness, Madison, WI

KathrynI began working with Melissa because I was looking for support to expand and grow beyond my comfort zone. I held a longing to be of greater service beyond myself and I simply did not know how to get there. Working with Melissa I was able to uncover some important understandings that have helped me clear many false expectations that got in my way and created confusion. Through my work with her I was able to relax more and begin to see life as a playground, drawing from a sense of expansion and possibility rather than from a place of contraction and self-doubt. What I loved most about working with her was her loving presence and deep commitment to helping me realize my dreams. It’s been over five years since we worked together, and I still remember the first session I had with her and how I felt heard, held, and guided to look deep within myself. As an astrologer, she offered me a map that set my daily life into a larger context that continues to support me to this day. Melissa is both an amazing coach and a great model to anyone around her. Her greatest strengths include her deep and penetrating questions with a light playfulness and authenticity. All of this combines sweetly with her ability to live what she teaches. If you are ready to work deeply and express your deep longings, Melissa can help you make it real! ~ Kathryn Gonzalez, Bemidji, MN

The impact of a session with Melissa really can’t be measured in the hours, days, or even weeks immediately following your experience. I believe it can only truly be understood with the perspective that a little bit of time and distance can afford.  

In my session with Melissa, I feverishly took notes as I was delighted, overcome, and then astonished at the series of “ah ha” moments that showered forth. It was exhilarating, both emotionally and intellectually, because it was as if the inner topography of my psyche and/or soul was being displayed for the first time, clear and intelligible. My true purpose, the reasons behind when and why I feel motivated or lethargic, the narrative of how I relate to others in close and intimate relationships was all laid bare…. and startlingly accurate.  My past actions and feelings… made sense in the greater context of who I was, and am, and am striving to be.

As I said before I took lots of notes. 

Which brings me back to how I first started this review… the potential for Melissa’s gifts to impact your life are, and can be immediate, because you now see the map, your map, and can make decisions, new decisions, confidently from your core.  And yet to measure her impact… while it is felt in the moment, is best understood in hindsight and continuous self-reflection.

And that for me has been the greatest gifts–her words and insight, if captured, can be returned to often. I can look back, reconnect with my soul’s true purpose, and remember what I’m on here on earth to do, for myself, and for others.  And that for me brings with it a relaxed and peaceful confidence to all that I strive to do.” ~ David Bugge, Entrepreneur, LA 

“When I met with Melissa I think what I was experiencing in my life was a sense of being “stuck” or stagnant. She asked questions that helped make things clearer for me and helped me look toward a sense of play and enjoyment in my life. My favorite part of working with Melissa is that she looks you in the eye and she listens. Really listens. She gave me her full attention and she didn’t judge. She is interested. She cares. When she spoke of my astrology chart and the way it described how I looked at the world, I recognized myself immediately. She helped me see how I can tend to view the world as harsh or difficult, and we talked about things I could do to shift that perception. Slowly, I am practicing saying “yes” when I mean yes and “no” when I mean no more consciously. I am practicing walking in the world as if I fully belong (not as if I am in the way or as if I’d rather crawl under the radar). I am practicing remembering, and then leaning in toward, what is healthy and nurturing for me. The things we talked about planted seeds that are growing. Melissa is a joy to work with; and her sense of ease put me at ease as well.” ~ Aly, Madison, WI

“Just had THE MOST AMAZING session with Melissa Simonson, discovering my soul purpose, my areas to work on, and my gifts to explore. I am so BLESSED by this woman and her ability to see into my heart and encourage me to go deeper into the places that scare me as well as celebrate and nurture myself in my growth. If this speaks to you, if you want to find out more about yourself (and you wont realize you knew it until she is telling you and you are nodding your head and your eyes are filling up with tears), if you want loving guidance in navigating your soul’s path, give yourself the GIFT of talking to this amazing woman!! Thank you Melissa, I can’t wait to work with you more and go deeper!!!” ~ Elyse Morgan, Murrieta, CA

“I’ve worked with spiritual counselors in the past, but from our first conversation I knew that Melissa was much different. I had recently left my job and the day of our trial session my husband lost his job. Most people in that situation would think twice before investing in counseling for themselves . . . but I never though twice about hiring Melissa once I spoke to her . . . she’s one of the best investments I’ve made in myself !

When I think back on all the ground we covered, from our initial session through the amazing Astrology work, and into weekly sessions, it’s hard to believe it all happened in a 4 month span of time. Melissa has helped me understand myself better, she helped me rekindle my confidence (which was the first thing my husband noticed), and she helped me understand what it means for me to shine every day (as well as the consequences of choosing not to) which is a tremendous framework to help balance myself now that our sessions time has ended.

With Melissa I laughed, cried and opened myself to feel a wide range of emotion . . . but never once felt any judgment . . . only kindness, encouragement, and 100% loving support! I’ve come to think of her as my gentle, empowering angel. : )

If you have been as fortunate as I’ve been to cross paths with Melissa – and if you are asking yourself ‘if it’s really worth it’ – I can assure you that you are more than worth it !!!” ~ Rondah Summers, Topeka, Kansas

“My favorite part of working with Melissa was how insightful I felt she was. From the first time we talked I just felt like she understood where I was coming from. I also felt like I could be very honest with her and she wouldn’t judge, just listen. I think being able to use astrology along with the coaching really helped to reinforce what she were telling me. It made me feel like the coaching was tailored for me and she wasn’t just saying things that she would say to all of her clients. It was definitely one of the things that made me hire her as my coach. 

When we met, I was at a point in my life when I felt utterly lost. I had just come home from traveling and I felt trapped in my life here. I hated my job but I didn’t know what to do to fix that situation. I was sick of being single and meeting guys but not having it amount to anything. I was angry with my parents for their life choices and drama. I had all these things I needed to fix and no idea where to start. I was looking for someone to point me in the right direction and help me get back on track. I was looking for answers on what the next step to take in my life was. I was in need of someone to boost my confidence in myself again. 

Through working with Melissa, I have become so much more self-confident and self-aware. I am more in tune with my body and my mind, which has helped me to make some big decisions these past four months. I feel like I have a sense of purpose and direction. She helped me to reignite my inner fire and I feel it glowing strong! My anxiety that I had about the future and my life are gone. She helped me to see that I can trust in the universe to unfold the way it should. 

All of this confidence and awareness has helped me to move forward in my life. I know what I want and the most important part is that I am finally able to allow myself to have it without feeling guilty. I have learned to let go of lists and planning every detail. I need to listen to myself and let my feminine energy flow in order to feel freedom in everyday life. I have learned to be honest about what I want and to express that to people without feeling guilty about it. I have learned to stop thinking I am protecting others by not being honest. This was a huge step for me in regards to relationships. 

For anyone considering hiring Melissa, I would say this: ‘If you want to find joy in your life and learn to listen to your inner yes, you need to hire Melissa! She helped give my life direction again when I was feeling more lost than I have ever been. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to reignite my inner fire and passion. Life is beautiful again.Caitlin, Madison, WI 

“In my work with Melissa, I finally gave myself permission to put MY needs first. And the shocking (but perfectly simple) realization that when I DO put my needs first, this not only is best for me…but everyone around me and THE WORLD ITSELF! I am now aware of interacting with my ex-husband, not trying to please him or make his life easier…but challenging him to create his own life. Melissa so profoundly made me aware that we are all here to challenge and help each other step into ourselves. Trying to fix my ex’s problems was not only making me unhappy, it was also stunting his possible growth into the person he is supposed to be. Consider my Mind BLOWN!

I feel so joyful, even when dealing with negative situations now, because I feel secure in the path I am currently on and the choices I am making. Our meeting marked a turning point in my life, Melissa. I truly am SO THANKFUL. I feel like you stoked that fire and started it blazing. Thank you for your guidance on this journey. I am tearful with gratitude.Michelle, R., Stoughton, WI

“I started seeing Melissa when I wanted to find a fulfilling, heart-centered career that resonated with me. While I was already in the helping professions, I felt like I was contorting myself to be someone else. The field was ripe with exciting options, but I was so overwhelmed and intimidated about making “the right choice” I didn’t know in which direction to go. Melissa helped me feel comfortable with and embrace the uncertainty, discover my inherent gifts, and move through those tendencies and thought patterns that were getting in my way. I also found myself compelled to work on seemingly unrelated issues–relationships–and found that our work was more than realizing certain goals, it was about learning how to tune in to myself so I could live with more balance, peace, and awareness so I could honor myself no matter what issues I was confronted with. I completed our coaching series feeling more confident, open, and hopeful for what my life was to bring. I have returned to Melissa from time to time, when I needed a little extra guidance in sorting out the sometimes conflicting voices within. It has now been a few years since my first meeting with Melissa and can say that I have given myself the freedom to explore, and get messy… this was something that I never allowed myself to do before. In the process my career path has steadily revealed itself to me, and I am now full-heartedly pursuing work that is nurturing and enhances my spiritual development (and other’s as well).

I must say, as I have gone further down the road of healing and self-growth I have met other life coaches in gatherings and eagerly ask them about their work, because my sessions with Melissa were so transformative. I can tell you that after all those meetings I was so thankful that I got to work with MELISSA with her genuine nature, honesty, intuitiveness, listening-abilities, and lovingness. She got me, and got the whole enchilada that is me–not just the surface, operating personality, the intellectual, or social side. The spiritual/Astrologcial piece of our work was huge! It resonated with me and helped uncover those bits that were latent inside that I didn’t realize were there. I know I would not have gotten the substance out of our sessions that I did if that piece was missing.

I know that my work with Melissa helped me to have the self-reliance, courage, and compassion to live authentically, and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a heart-centered coach who looks at all aspects of who you are. Sarah, B., Madison, WI

“I loved Melissa’s positive, warm & loving energy. I walked away from our time together with a new understanding of what really matters to me in my life right now. It helped me to embrace more fully my desire for more pleasure and enjoyment in my life and shifted my understanding of my relationships towards more intimacy and freedom. I feel more empowered again to create my own reality from my heart desires, and to let go of any need for control, performance or achievement.” Kris K., Berlin, Germany

“I really felt supported and guided by a loving hand…or voice, rather ;) . With the clarity and insights I’ve gotten, I plan to work on being accountable and honoring/nurturing/loving myself. I plan to set goals for myself and focus on what I need to do for myself and create a wholeness in myself before running off to help others. I want to take the reins of my life, take action, and thrive…and then others will be able to thrive with me. Melissa brings a depth and understanding to her work that translates to the information gathered through discovery during her sessions. Plus, she is a personal cheerleader who wants everyone to radiate in their self-love and project their goodness into the world.” Geri, E., Madison, WI.

I loved the genuine approach Melissa had in helping me with my journey through the astrology reading to becoming the best Queen I can be. I also loved how relatable she was. It was almost as if we had known each other or met each other a long time ago! She really helped me gently discover my truths and face them in a way that will catapult me into true healing. I felt so warm and loved after the call! I think that her spirit of patience, compassion and understanding is what makes her work so effective. Even over the phone, I could feel that she truly wanted to help me discover me a little deeper, all the while reminding me of the great attributes I do have that I may seem to overlook at times.

I am now able to allow myself to be more cognizant of my habits and tendencies. I am now able to delve a little deeper into my self-conscious to recover those repressed parts of myself and start to heal myself on a more deeper level than before. Because of my conference call with Melissa, I can constantly stay aware of my WHOLE being and truly pay attention to myself.” ~ Tashia A., Baltimore, MD

“I was feeling stuck in my life and was desperately wanting and needing a career change at the time I began working with Melissa. Even though I was “successful” in my position and advancing in my career, I was feeling less confident than ever before. I knew I needed to make a change, and even had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to accomplish it, but I felt I needed an outside opinion, some guidance and perspective that wasn’t my mom, my sister, a close friend, or even my boyfriend/partner.

Melissa didn’t give me clear cut answers, but rather knew how to ask the right questions to get me thinking about and considering all the different factors that played into this major life decision and change. While I came into the coaching experience thinking it was all about career and self-fulfillment, Melissa got me thinking about my support system, my relationships, and these underlying issues that I hadn’t even considered. I took with me tools and beliefs and self-assurance knowing that I was making the right decision for myself and others were welcome to join me on this ride. Even though I wasn’t expecting it, we ended up exploring the important relationships in my life more than just the single issue of my career, which ended up giving me the confidence to take the leap and knowing I would be just fine.

Deep down, I think the answers I sought and courage I needed were within me, somewhere. But Melissa was key in being that outside perspective, knowing what questions to ask and what really needed thought and exploration. I so appreciated her holistic approach in coaching – considering all aspects of myself (career, relationships, thoughts/beliefs, emotions, goals) and not just the surface insecurities. Her positive thoughts, encouragement and overall good energy were infectious and working with her through that time in my life was a complete gift.” ~ Melanie, B., Madison, WI