The most important question to ask when dating/relating…

When it comes to dating, there is no “right” way for you or the other person to act, no such thing as “too much,” no such thing as “too fast” or “too slow.” All of this trying to get it right or wondering if something is acceptable or normal has you in your head (the land of ego safety, control and approval games) and ignoring how you actually FEEL.

The most important question that you need to be asking is: “How do I feel?”

Your feelings are sacred guides pointing to your own precious needs and values. If you’re feeling off—anxious, insecure, guarded, confused, frustrated, etc.—this is an indicator that you have some needs that aren’t being fulfilled completely in this situation. When you feel good, it’s because you’re aligning with what you need and value.

When feeling off in a relating/dating situation…the question is never whether or not you should be feeling what you’re feeling. Your feelings cannot be wrong (they are FOR YOU, after all). The question is: “What are these feelings telling me that I most need and desire?”

This is the only authority you ever need to follow.

Happy dating & relating, lovelies!


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