Dancing with grief and grace

I find myself in a dance right now between grief and grace.

My heart hurts upon waking and it seems to take the jaws of life at times to pull my attention away from the painful stories in my mind and shift toward my breath and the innocence of the present moment.

I get myself up and moving and at times throughout the day I am again overcome, filled with so many emotions, one after the other, and it feels like I will be tortured by this painful experience for eternity.

And then there is grace: little reminders here and there to bring me back to center, to remind me that I am loved, to remind me of the limitless capacity of my love.

There is grace as it shows up in my work–last night a phone session with a dear soul needing guidance and clarity as she processes the end of a significant relationship, and after an hour of deeply listening to her and calling forth what’s needed, it was as if *I* just had someone spend an hour holding space for me as I processed my own grief, and fears, and questions of “what now?” She walked away clear, connected and grounded in herself and so did I. Through you, my wisdom is called forth in ways that grace us both. There are no words for my immense gratitude for that gift.

I’m not a victim of another or of my circumstances, I am a powerful agent of grace, and as I step into that awareness, I am met by grace around every corner.

And so it is.


Love Revelation: There is a wisdom that only you possess.

With all of the posts showing up in my Facebook newsfeed and landing in my inbox telling me in so many words that there is a “right way” to get where I want to go, I can get so overwhelmed and fall into a trap of thinking that there is always something I must learn or acquire before I can have what I want. After reading enough of this stuff, I literally start having a nauseous feeling and want to lie down. Posts with messages like,

(For women) If you want to truly have success in your relationships or your business or with your money, etc., you need to learn how operate from your feminine core. (And for men, their masculine core.) Posts on how to get the guy who’s “just not that into you” to be into you. Posts on what is truly important in life–and as it turns out, there are LOTS of different versions of what is TRULY important. For those of us who’ve crafted our own careers, there’s always something about the “right” way to blog, the most effective way to grow our following, the path to 6 figures…There are posts about how to successfully achieve our goals. And close to my heart, there are posts teaching us what self-love looks like, how to be irresistible, and radiant, etc.

And there is NOTHING wrong with these posts. There is some spectacular information being shared out there that has led me to BIG breakthroughs in my life and in my relationships.

With that said, As I’ve found myself nervous and hoping to “get it right” in my next relationship, and thinking that I hope I’ve finally learned all the stuff I need to know to stay fully grounded in my feminine power and self-love (haven’t even met a guy I’m interested in yet ;)…it occurred to me today that all of that outside learning is actually a VERY small percentage of my wisdom and capacity to have the kind of relationship I want to have (or career, or money, or physical well-being, etc.). The truth is, when I am fully in tune with myself and listening to the wisdom of my soul, I know exactly what I need and how to fulfill on those needs. When I follow the YES in my belly and my bones, I am infinitely supported and in alignment with my soul path.

You may have noticed that I’m not super “teachery” (good thing, too, because that’s not even a real word….:)…ahem). I don’t have any info products out there at this point in time. I don’t teach “how to” courses at this point in time.

And to be clear, those who feel compelled to teach SHOULD teach–I want everyone to be fully expressed in their unique genius, offering up their gifts to us all, and teaching isn’t really a part of my particular genius. I get that people can learn lots of juicy stuff if they follow me and read my stuff, and I also simply write from what’s true in my heart–not because I want to teach so much as I want to hold up a mirror for you to find what’s true for YOU inside of what I share.

And that’s what I desire in the deepest depths of my soul: For you to have full access to your own brilliance, the wisdom of your own precious inner voice, and then, for you to unabashedly follow that voice where it leads you.

This is my gift to you–not to be your teacher. Not to be another one in the hundreds of people each day showing you the “right way.” I am here to give you direct access to YOUR right way, and to ignite your passion and confidence in the process. In the midst of all of the choices that you are bombarded with constantly, I am here to hold sacred space for you and to use my own laser insight to help you clear away all of that clutter so that all that is left is ONE voice. ONE path. ONE truth: Yours.

And my eyes just got a little teary and if you could see me here in this cafe, you would see that I am wearing a radiant smile because I know THIS truth: You are SO completely wise, and capable. Your life is so precious. You have a purpose to fulfill through your full, unique expression, and my heart overflows as I imagine you blossoming as so many others have before my eyes, as you see ALL of yourself, your personal access to fulfillment as well as the ways that you sometimes block yourself on that path. I want this for you–to experience yourself unleashing as you get crystal clear on your sacred superpowers, on your unique path, on all that is beautiful about you. And, I want this for the world.

This is the gift I offer through the Soul-Mapping Sessions. It is absolutely life-changing. The sense of freedom, confidence and clarity you create in our time together is PRICELESS. For you. For me. For the world. (And as a not-so-side-note, the way I combine coaching, self-love work, and soul purpose astrology is BADASS. I am totally in my genius when I do that work, and because of that, there is NOTHING else out there quite like it.)

Are you ready to claim your spot with me? To be clear, lit up from the inside out and fully aligned to create your most fulfilling life? Are you thinking this sounds like what you need and you’re not fully certain? I want to connect with you–because, I so want you to have the clarity you are longing for (even if that means you are CLEAR that this work is not a right fit for you–how cool would that be to know even that for certain?) If it feels like a YES to explore this with me:

1) Send me an email and share why you feel drawn to do this Soul-Mapping work with me.

2) I’ll send you a link to my calendar for us to schedule a FREE consult where we’ll explore and discover if we’re a perfect, right fit to partner together.

You deserve to have clarity, to trust in your own unique wisdom and to be madly in love with your life.

Sending so much love your way.