Love Revelation: Thinking…plus action…makes it so

Tonight’s magical NYC subway adventure included a conversation with a very close-talking, surprisingly profound and maybe a little psychic drunk man telling me that he was “very attracted to my light” and that I belong on Stephen Colbert or Broadway, 🙂 , followed by a deep conversation with a man newly studying to be a lawyer about, NLP, Eckhart Tolle’s the Power of Now, Jed Mckenna, Byron Katie, Landmark Worldwide (It was a long train ride from the city at this hour).

And the evening ended with a text message from this new friend: “Melissa, amazing connecting with you. your journey is going to be as beautiful as you decide to make it. Thinking makes it so.”

This whole night began with my heading into the city to grab a drink with a lovely man who I met on the Subway last week who was reading an inspirational book that grabbed my attention.

All of my life, people have warned me to “keep my guard up” and worried about my daring willingness to leap into the unknown, befriend strangers, and go off the beaten path. Even in the midst of connecting with kind strangers like this man, I’m met with concern that I be careful in whom I put my trust.

The fact of the matter is that I wholeheartedly trust me and my inner guidance system. I’m just really good at following the YES in my heart and also listening for the NO, and nearly 33 years into this life I’m living, which has included travel to other countries and cities and meeting countless people, I have yet to have experienced anything short of magic.

I’m not lucky or extra blessed or extra special in my experience of miracles showing up daily in my life. I’ve just chosen to show up wherever I am from a place of wonder and a desire to connect, of sharing myself and discovering the light inside of others.

Love begets more love y’all. And as my lovely new friend said, “thinking makes it so.”


©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: My “I AM” Statement

Another goody from exactly a year ago–I love that I spent today clarifying the gifts that I’m here to offer and 1 year ago, I was connecting with myself in the same way. I love seeing how much more comfortable that I am now in sharing my full expression & declaring my gifts. It’s been an AMAZING year, and I’ve created each day with such courage. And once again, the “I AM” statement that I wrote back in 2006 remains true today.


Melissa Simonson
Dec 30, 2012 near Monona, WI

Love Revelation: When I trained as a Life Coach in 2006, I was asked to create an “I Am” statement along with my classmates that represents my work in the world–the core essence of my being. It hangs on the wall of my office & yet, until now, I’ve been quite private about it. In a moment of great clarity & connection with myself, here is what I wrote: “I am an ever-present vessel of safety and compassion. I allow others the space to breathe in the truth of their being & blow out the fire of their voice from within. I am a stirrer of souls. A nurturer of beautiful transformation. A portal of divine wisdom.”

I feel in my heart with all of the recent changes in my life that this next year is asking me to fully embody this statement & to own it for myself & all those I’m meant to serve. I’ve found myself this evening hit by a wave of grief & anxiety over the unknowns that lie ahead for me. My heart is still heavy with processing the end of a relationship that meant a great deal to me & my head is full of questions about “how I’m going to pull off” this transition to full self-employment now that the safety net is gone. I found myself praying out loud as tears streamed down my face…& in a moment of pause, the “I Am” statement I wrote above came to mind. The thought that followed was, “Just be that.” Be who I am. Own it. Breathe.

And so I say now: Ok, God, let’s do this. I’m putting one foot in front of the other…not without my fear, but you get that and all of my other trust issues…& you love me, without condition. This year, I will do my best to love me without condition, too–to live boldly as all that I am & continue to become. Nervous, excited, & gratefully yours. Melissa