Poem: Sacred is Sexy


There is something so sexy about the sacred
all in 
seen and fully known
I want to be drenched in the mess of discovery
to be with you
to be with all that brings you alive
to be touched
by your light
to mingle with
the divine
in your wild eyes
this passion lives in everyone.
it’s what I live for–
to ignite hearts and minds
and to find
the soul beneath
the pretty paper
to drink in the sacred
the surface of
your sweet skin.

©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Creating 2014

The words that come to mind as I begin to create 2014: Surrender, Ease, Play, Presence.

Sacred Flow.

This year, I’m committed to filling my space with people, activities, places and ways of being that fill me to overflowing. I intend to serve from a deep wellspring of generosity & compassion, and I’m committed to being so nourished that creativity pours forth from my spirit like a sparkling fountain.

I’m committed to feeling so surrounded by love that my presence inspires others to know that they, too, are surrounded by this same love. I want to know myself as capable, powerful and limitless, so that others might know themselves in this same way.

And ultimately, I want to be in FLOW–trusting in the Divine that speaks through my inner knowing, trusting in life’s miraculous unfolding. I want to surrender so deeply that I can’t help but giggle at how silly I ever was to harbor a single worry. I intend to be giddy with delight as I discover how infinitely supported that I truly am, as decisions unfold with ease and I create my life, effortlessly.

2014 is the year of discovering what’s possible when I simply let go. I’m choosing to let the current take me, and I’m ready to live in awe of this journey as I listen & follow the deep call of my soul.

It’s gonna be a frickin’ extraordinary year. I’m already smiling with awe and gratitude. And so it is.


Love Revelation: I Have This Desire


I have this desire
to hold the whole world
as sacred
to take it all
into my womb
and hold it there
to feel every ounce
to experience every drop
in the deepest cells
of my bones
in the darkest water
of my soul
and then, when it’s time,
to let it all go
so that all are left whole
and at home
in the sacred space
of their own skin. ~ Melissa Simonson

Photography by Frank Sommers