Love Revelation: A Simple, yet RADICAL truth…

My Loves:

I’m going to say something really simple, and you might see it and say, “Well, I already KNOW that.” And I want you to REALLY receive this message, anyway.

There is nothing wrong with you. 
Nothing to fix. 
Nothing to change. 
You have everything you need to have all that you want.
You were born with the perfect balance of strengths and weaknesses to offer up the unique gift of YOU to the world.
You started making a precious difference in the world the moment you were born.

And if you’re struggling to see that, if the voice in your head stills wants to fix you or make you wrong for this thing or that, here’s the good news:

That’s just false gunk that has gotten in the way of your seeing your wholeness, and that gunk can be cleared away.

We as human beings have this tremendous capacity to transform, to come back to the truth of who we are, to come home to knowing ourselves as magnificent and worth cherishing.

If you’ve got stuff in the way that’s keeping you from embodying the knowing that there is truly nothing wrong, (you’re so not alone), send me a message and we’ll open up a conversation to connect you with the beauty of who you really are. Xo


©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Being a stand for love in the world

It’s an incredibly vulnerable and weird experience to do a funding campaign.

Since launching my GoFundMe campaign to support my New York move a little over a month ago, I have been confronted by many uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

“You look so needy.”
“People are gonna think that you don’t have your stuff together.”
“Asking for help on this level is just too much–people are going to be so annoyed and think you’re rude…and a little pathetic…for asking.”

Yes, I talk to myself like this in my head, and it hurts. And, there are days when these thoughts can almost stop me.

But here’s the thing: While YES, I asked for financial support in order to help ME transition my life to NYC, this campaign has been about SO MUCH more than me because WHO I AM is someone who wakes up everyday committed to making a loving difference in the world.

I have designed my life inside of the greater commitment to being an Ambassador of Radical Self-Love–of being someone by example, through my dedication to my work, through my creative expression, my family relationships, my friendships and through every day-to-day interaction to be a CAUSE for people to love who they are.

I live each day of my life committed to having others be LIT UP by their lives. I am committed to everyone knowing the freedom that comes with full self-expression, and to healing the shame that causes them to hide their true voice. I am committed to having people wake up in the morning with a smile on their face because they GET that they are truly loved & lovable in every moment.

So, for everyone who has contributed to this campaign and for all those who feel inspired to contribute, you’re not just donating money to me as I make my life in New York–you, right along with me, are choosing to be someone who is committed to creating a loving world.

THAT is the difference you make through donating to my crowd-funding campaign.

And so I’ve chosen to set all of my feelings of shame and thoughts of self-judgement aside because my life is NOT about looking good. I am a stand for love in the world, and so I’m choosing to risk what you’ll think of me, and choosing to invite you to be a powerful contribution along side me instead.

And so I want to ask, will you make the powerful choice to join me in creating a loving world?

Please visit to donate and then share this campaign with the people you care about so that they get to experience themselves as the powerful contribution that they are, too.

Thanks for all that you are.


©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Will you hold my hand through the unknown?

I’ve created an amazing opportunity for you to experience the Soul Mapping Journey at a 50% reduced cost until March 31st. But first, this week’s Love Revelation.

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a moment to still myself and write from my heart. I’m flying out to Brooklyn, NY on Saturday to begin this next chapter of my life, and my brain has been full–from the moment I awake in the morning, I have been consumed with all that there is to do with this move, and this wouldn’t be a love revelation if I didn’t admit that there is lots and lots of anxiety mixed in with the to-do’s.

I took some time out to journal this morning and slow down my thought process and I saw how scared that I am. It’s not that there isn’t excitement in there, ’cause there is definitely that, and there is also loads of vague anxiety. A sense that I’m dropping the ball, somehow. A fear that I’m going to struggle financially. A deep longing for peace, ease, and solid security.

Much of this is just my mind, body and spirit reacting to mega change. My fight or flight response is in hyper-drive, right now. There is a need to allow myself to be with the fear, to validate it, to thank it for doing its job–to be with myself as I would be with a child who is under my care and protection as we make this big transition.

And then there are the parts that I can simply remedy with clarity, with continuing to be in communication with those around me, with creating plans and structure that have me knowing that no matter what, I will always have my back. 

And it’s for that reason that I decided to create a crowd-funding campaign and open myself to receive your help and support. The money part is, of course, an essential piece in my making this transition in a sustainable way, and there is something deeper than that. The support that I have received so far has buoyed my spirit, it has created a sense of connection and an awareness that I am truly not alone in a way that I so need, right now.

Because the truth is, going through transformation can be the most alone experience that we go through…it can feel like we’re lost and in between worlds. And it doesn’t HAVE to feel that way. Taking on this move to NYC has been a powerful lesson in that for me. I don’t have to go it alone, and I’m choosing not to. None of us have to go it alone.

It is my commitment through my Soul-Mapping Journey program to hold people’s hand as they choose to pursue their passions and follow the call of their souls, and now, I’m inviting you to hold mine as I take my own soul journey. 

Will you hold my hand and make a powerful difference in my life as I take this powerful step in the direction in my dreams? Will you give yourself the gift of not only knowing yourself as a powerful contribution in my life and in the world, but also through receiving the cool opportunities (like the Soul Mapping Journey at 50% off) that I created as rewards for the campaign?

You can watch the inspirational video I created, support the campaign, learn more, share it, and claim your own amazing transformational rewards by clicking here: 

Thank you for being with me on this journey. You make a true difference in my life with your presence and love.

If you are thinking that you would love to receive the Soul Mapping Journey at this kick-booty discount and you’re wondering how the program will make a powerful difference in your life, I offer a Free Discovery Session to all those who are ready to to get unstuck, to have clarity, and to take action in alignment with their soul purpose–and experience great freedom and joy as a result. In this Free Discovery Session, we will get clear on whether or not The Soul Mapping Sessions are a perfect right fit for you, and you will receive:

  • Clarity around your core needs & longings right now
  • Clarity around how you can meet those core needs & longings
  • An unleashed desire to pursue your passions
  • Unconditional love & acceptance for who you are and where you are in your life, right now
  • Full access to tools that you can use to create a life that you love

That’s a lot of deliciousness, no?

Your soulful calls to action:

1) Email me with why you would love to experience a FREE 1-hour Discovery Session with me.
2) I’ll send you a link to my calendar so we can make that happen!
3) Visit my GoFundMe page and check out all of the awesome, awesome rewards:

I love you.


©2014 Melissa Simonson