Love Revelation: Being a stand for love in the world

It’s an incredibly vulnerable and weird experience to do a funding campaign.

Since launching my GoFundMe campaign to support my New York move a little over a month ago, I have been confronted by many uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

“You look so needy.”
“People are gonna think that you don’t have your stuff together.”
“Asking for help on this level is just too much–people are going to be so annoyed and think you’re rude…and a little pathetic…for asking.”

Yes, I talk to myself like this in my head, and it hurts. And, there are days when these thoughts can almost stop me.

But here’s the thing: While YES, I asked for financial support in order to help ME transition my life to NYC, this campaign has been about SO MUCH more than me because WHO I AM is someone who wakes up everyday committed to making a loving difference in the world.

I have designed my life inside of the greater commitment to being an Ambassador of Radical Self-Love–of being someone by example, through my dedication to my work, through my creative expression, my family relationships, my friendships and through every day-to-day interaction to be a CAUSE for people to love who they are.

I live each day of my life committed to having others be LIT UP by their lives. I am committed to everyone knowing the freedom that comes with full self-expression, and to healing the shame that causes them to hide their true voice. I am committed to having people wake up in the morning with a smile on their face because they GET that they are truly loved & lovable in every moment.

So, for everyone who has contributed to this campaign and for all those who feel inspired to contribute, you’re not just donating money to me as I make my life in New York–you, right along with me, are choosing to be someone who is committed to creating a loving world.

THAT is the difference you make through donating to my crowd-funding campaign.

And so I’ve chosen to set all of my feelings of shame and thoughts of self-judgement aside because my life is NOT about looking good. I am a stand for love in the world, and so I’m choosing to risk what you’ll think of me, and choosing to invite you to be a powerful contribution along side me instead.

And so I want to ask, will you make the powerful choice to join me in creating a loving world?

Please visit to donate and then share this campaign with the people you care about so that they get to experience themselves as the powerful contribution that they are, too.

Thanks for all that you are.


©2014 Melissa Simonson

Coming home to ourselves…

Yesterday, as I was connecting with a client, we were reflecting on the experience of “home” in light of my recent move to Brooklyn. She said something really powerful (my clients are brilliant): “I think all of us are just searching for that sense of home in our own way.” The search for clarity, for confidence, to “get it right,” to know why we’re here, etc…these are all just different ways of searching for the experience of being at home in our own skin.

And it hit me: This is what I provide through The Soul-Mapping Journey. I unveil the map of your core essence, I connect you to your inner truth, I guide you home to yourself. And what does it feel like when you come home? It feels like clarity. Like freedom. Like comfort. Like acceptance. It feels like “there is nothing wrong here”…because there isn’t, of course.

Through the Soul-Mapping Journey, my clients come home to everything that matters to them, to what lights them up, and they see clearly, the pieces that have been missing for them, they gain access to new paths to create the fulfilling lives that they are longing for.

When we feel at home in our own skin, we naturally become generous with our love, and life takes a quantum leap. Obstacles turn into opportunities. We create and call forth what we want with ease. Life just flows because we are in flow.

And so, as I navigate this next chapter in my own growth journey, I am acutely aware that even in this new place, I am naturally easing into a sense of home because I am living out the YES inside of my soul.

And I want to create the opportunity for you to have this sense of home wherever you go or whatever dreams you wish to pursue, too. Between now and March 31st, the Soul-Mapping Journey is available at 50% of it’s valued worth through my GoFundMe project. As I ease into this next chapter of my life, I want to make it really easy for you to do the same. Let’s come home together, shall we?

If you want to explore and uncover what might be available for you through embarking with me on The Soul-Mapping Journey, I offer a FREE Discovery Session to explore whether or not the program is a right fit for you. In this session you will receive:

– Clarity around your core needs & longings, right now

– Clarity around how you can meet those core needs & longings

– An unleashed desire to pursue your passions

– Unconditional love & acceptance for who you are and where you are in your life

– Full access to tools that you can use to create a life that you love

That’s a lot of deliciousness, no?

Private message me with your request to schedule your free sesh and I will send you my calendar so that we can get that schedule.



©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: Listening for “home”

It is a weird and uncomfortable experience to not have a clear sense of “home.” Today marks my 2nd full day in Brooklyn and Yesterday’s big accomplishments included finding a local grocery that I like so that I could actually have food at home, picking up odds and ends for daily living…I’m of course, already noticing the things that I forgot to bring, the items that I had no idea would be essential in this new space. And, oh, I didn’t get lost yesterday, which was cool. 

The emotional experience, right now is one of total ungroundedness, searching for center, for the SENSE of home. I find it and create it in little moments and then it’s gone again, to then, rediscover it in another moment. Lavender essential oil filling my room, time spent with my journal, watching a favorite TV show online and reading before bed, nourishing food, my favorite lotion, creating order in my new space. There is a deep need to find and create the familiar within this completely unfamiliar place. I feel invisible and disconnected from who I am, what matters to me, what I want, what I need. And yet, the preciousness of this time is that I get to rediscover and perhaps discover for the first time, the answer to these essential questions.

My main inspiration, right now, lies in creating and relishing in beauty. Nourishing my body with movement and good food. Making my space pretty. Creating a sense of grounded spaciousness with lovely smells. Creating softness and lightness in my experience.

There are powerful fears lurking beneath the surface that I’ll get stuck and consumed by a mode of survival, that I will lose sight of who I am, that I’ll forget and disappear somehow, that I won’t accomplish what matters to me in my heart…and my inner Wise Woman is smiling at me as she reminds me I’ve only been here for 2 days. Now is not the time to climb mountains, it is time to rest in the valley, to gather up strength, to listen within for what is “home” and then to lean into those experiences with all of my heart. That sense of home will guide me, will pull to exactly who, what and where I need to be.

And so I honor my fear for not letting me forget that I am a leader feeling called to accomplish big, loving things in the months and years ahead. And for now, I bring myself back to the here and now, I meet myself with gentleness and patience and ease, and I listen and follow the voice of home that lives in my belly and my bones.

And as I write these words while listening deeply to my inner landscape, I hear a soft whisper telling me that magic awaits, and I am smiling, tears glistening in my eyes.

xo Melissa

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©2014 Melissa Simonson