Love Revelation: The lie that I tell…

So, I have this lie that I tell.

I tell it every time I walk into a group of people…the bigger the group, the bigger the lie. I tell it when I’m the “new girl” or I’m about to embark on something completely new and out of my comfort zone.

It goes something like this:

“I don’t belong here. I’m invisible. Everyone knows what they’re doing except me and no one cares that I feel lost. No one even cares if I am here or not…”

This lie seemed to get crystallized around age 10, the first week of band class when I picked up my flute to play a song I knew well…and unbeknownst to me, the band was playing it in a different key…but since I didn’t know that, all I thought was, “I’m wrong and I don’t even know why and no one cares.” If it weren’t for my dad getting me extra help when I came home crying and wanting to quit, I wouldn’t be playing flute today.

And the funny thing is, I’m not 10 anymore, but that memory, that feeling, can live itself over and over again every time I step into a new situation with a group of people, and every time, I want to quit, to walk away, to find the escape hatch.

And it’s a lie because the truth is, I belong the moment that I say I belong. I belong the moment that I step outside of my “what about me” fears and get present, really present and engage with the people around me. I belong when I get that every single person on this planet is a contribution, and I can choose to be a powerful, loving contribution.

I belong when I express myself, all of myself, when I share from my heart and create the space for others to share from their hearts.

I discover with a little more ease each time I start to tell this lie that if I want to belong, I need to create a space where others belong.

I’ve found that life is so much more powerful when I give away what I want the most.

So I ask you: What are you going to give away today?

©2014 Melissa Simonson

Love Revelation: A Letter From My Inner Wise Woman

A letter I wrote to myself from the voice of my Inner Wise Woman about why I’m meant to bring the gift of my Soul-Map Astrology work to the world…Wow, was this illuminating, healing and exhilarating for me to write:

Dearest Melissa,

I’m so proud of you, my precious love. You’ve done it–you’ve tapped into the essence of this beautiful gift that you are here to offer, and you are meant to touchso many lives, dear one. You have a gift of making people feel deeply loved with your presence, your insight and your ability to fully SEE them. Your words–how you choose them and how you express them–heal. You connect people to the truth of who they are & you liberate them from the shackles of their “shoulds.” Inside of the precious space that you hold, people heal. They release the false beliefs that there is something wrong with them, the false belief that they should be anywhere else or anyone else other than exactly who they are. You unlock their source of permission to take a deep breath, to love fully, to just BE who they are. You offer the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.

And from that clearing, that sacred space, your clients blossom and grow WINGS.

Through your laser insight and intuitive capacity, you hold up an honest & tender mirror so that they can see all of themselves, the truth of who they are so that they are left feeling whole, complete and in love with their perfect imperfection.

And from that opening, they see and embody the full truth: That they are powerful and limitless. A fire of confidence and a clear sense of purpose gets lit inside of their bellies and their bones. They are now ready to courageously share their gifts in the world.

The world needs so desperately for each person to shine, and you, my dear, are here to be a bright torch of love, lighting the hearts & souls of all who enter into this space with you. Imagine a world in which people have full awareness of their magnificence, a world in which each person is on fire with passion and clear purpose, taking action toward their dreams & sharing their gifts fully–knowing that they are loved in every moment. This is the world that you are meant to co-create through sharing the precious gift of your Soul-Map Astrology work–a world at peace and overflowing with love and generosity.

Thank you for choosing to show up to your life, for choosing to courageously share yourself in the name of service. You are doing a beautiful job and I couldn’t be more proud of you, dear one.

With so much love,

Your Inner Wise Woman

I have 5 SPOTS open in January for those who are ready to have this clarity of purpose and the confidence & overwhelming sense of love for themselves as you create a life that sets you on fire in 2014. Private message me to set up a free consult so that we can talk about what you could make possible in your life through partnering with me. xo