The playback from last night’s Solar Eclipse Sacred Circle…

Wow! What a transformative week it has been! Can you feel the shifts happening? The old falling away as you make room for the new in your life? What has gotten stirred up in you? What is now calling to be healed? Where are you now ready to grow?

I had so much fun leading the Solar Eclipse Sacred Circle on FB LIVE Thursday night, shedding wisdom on what we are collectively call to learn and discover with the initiation created by the Cancer eclipse–thank you to all those of you who joined in and brought your voice in the comments. It was a beautiful, vulnerable, magical experience that left my heart full and tears in my eyes. For those of you who didn’t get a chance tune in, you can watch the entire event by clicking the video below.

We now find ourselves in the Eclipse Portal–the powerful time leading up to our Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 7/27. For many this time can feel a bit “otherworldly,” like we’re floating a bit and not quite sure where we’re going to land. For others, you might have had a big breakthrough with this last eclipse and you’re now just laying back and witnessing the unfolding. For those who had more of a breakdown, you may find that you are needing to mourn and integrate as you open yourself for what’s next. I shared a bit about my own experience and held space as other’s shared theirs during the Sacred Circle–no matter what you’re experience, make sure you are getting plenty of rest and being extra gentle with yourself.

I love you so much!!!


P.S. Now is a PERFECT time to unlock the wisdom of your birth chart and also discover specifically, what you are hear to expand and deepen in the upcoming months. I offer a complimentary discovery call for all new clients so that I can uncover your deeper needs, right now and we can get clear if a Soul Purpose Astrology Intensive is a right fit for you. Respond to this email to get on my schedule and I’ll look forward to supporting you in your next breakthrough. <3

P.P.S. Are you in the NYC area? You are invited to an IN PERSON Lunar Eclipse Sacred Circle in my Brooklyn home on 7/27 at 7pm. Click here to learn more and register.

The wisdom present in this Solar Eclipse in Cancer…

Dear One,

Tonight’s solar eclipse in Cancer is here to ground us in this truth: Our softness is our strength. Our compassion is our greatest treasure.

If you are like me and those close to me, you have already experienced great emotion moving through you this past week. Any emotions that have been shoved into the dark recesses of your being are coming forth for you to see them, love them, embrace them so that they can help you see that there is not a single aspect of your being that is unworthy of love. Shame has no place in your being, it’s time to speak the truth, feel it all and set yourself free.

As Pluto in Capricorn continues to churn up and breakdown all of the patriarchal structures and conditioning that no longer serves us, this super moon in Cancer is showing us another way…a path that glorifies our feeling nature as the gift that it is, that embraces pleasure for its own sake, celebrates the power of sacred connection, of intuition, and flowing to the rhythm of that life force beating your heart and guiding you in all ways.

This solar eclipse might have you feeling like you’ve been plunged into the deep while you’re just learning to swim…and never fear, Dear Heart. Your only job here and now is to meet yourself with utmost gentleness as you discover your inherent ability to navigate the waters of your emotion. Your feelings have always been guiding you home and now, it is time to listen.

There is an invitation here to mother the scared child within you, the one who doesn’t know it’s worthy of love; to see yourself through the unconditional eyes of a mother’s love for her child. There is an invitation to get so acquainted with your inner needs so that you know how to build the foundation for your own security. That security has never existed outside of you…it cannot be built or achieved as the patriarchy would have us think…it has always existed in your ability to listen to and care for yourself. It is from there that the generous gift that you are flows out to the world around you…and any outward accolade is simply a product of aligning with true abundance.

It is in embracing every aspect of yourself, shedding all layers of the outworn paradigm that has you thinking there’s something wrong with the parts that you cannot fit in a box, it is in seeing that all you have hidden away or tried to “improve” are the truths and gifts that we most need now on this planet. You’ve always had the key to abundance, the key to love, the key to success, the key to prosperity. It is in your ability to embrace every aspect of your being.

So I invite you to begin today with treating yourself with utmost gentleness and knowing that every human act is simply an attempt to meet needs…we are each doing the best that we can and deep down there is a part of each of us all longing to be met with love, compassion, understanding, to be seen as all that we are. Look with those eyes in the days ahead and revel in the beauty and perfection that you find.

I love you so much!!!


P.S. Join me tonight for a Facebook Live Solar Eclipse Sacred Circle at 8pm EST as I share deeper insight and hold space as you process all that you are discovering at this time. 🌔

Photo Credit: Frank Sommers & Anonymous 2nd grade class photographer 😉

What are the eclipses awakening in you?

At the foundation of all the self-love coaching that I do is a powerful session spent with your Astrological birth chart.

We find ourselves in the midst of eclipse season—a powerful time of initiation and transformation that can have us feeling stirred up and a bit tossed around as we shed the old and are thrust into the new. I’m a Soul Purpose Astrologer and brilliant at helping you harness the wisdom of your birth chart to consciously align with your highest fulfillment…and also, to help you understand the areas of life that you are now being called to grow and expand with this next eclipse cycle.

My work is like a shortcut into seeing clearly where you unconsciously stop yourself and the misconceptions that you hold that block fulfillment in certain areas of your life…and it is also a shortcut into seeing what you are here to cultivate within yourself in order to live the life that you most desire. Connecting that wisdom with knowing, specifically, the lessons being brought to you by the current, powerful transformative eclipse portal we find ourselves in is a recipe for major breakthrough and taking effortless leaps toward fulfilling your desires.

What is the great adventure meant for your soul? What fears are you ready to transform and what path are you called to embrace on this journey of discovering and loving ALL of who you are?


P.S. I offer a complimentary discovery call so that I can uncover your deeper needs, right now and we can get clear if we’re a right fit. Feel free to use my contact form to send me a message and we’ll talk. <3

Why knowing your Astrological Chart is essential on the path to self-love…

Why understanding the wisdom of your Astrological (birth) Chart is a crucial step in creating a fulfilling life & relationships, AND why it is THE starting point for all self-love mentorship work with me…watch this Live video I posted on Facebook and bring your voice to the comments!