Love Revelation: Creating 2014

The words that come to mind as I begin to create 2014: Surrender, Ease, Play, Presence.

Sacred Flow.

This year, I’m committed to filling my space with people, activities, places and ways of being that fill me to overflowing. I intend to serve from a deep wellspring of generosity & compassion, and I’m committed to being so nourished that creativity pours forth from my spirit like a sparkling fountain.

I’m committed to feeling so surrounded by love that my presence inspires others to know that they, too, are surrounded by this same love. I want to know myself as capable, powerful and limitless, so that others might know themselves in this same way.

And ultimately, I want to be in FLOW–trusting in the Divine that speaks through my inner knowing, trusting in life’s miraculous unfolding. I want to surrender so deeply that I can’t help but giggle at how silly I ever was to harbor a single worry. I intend to be giddy with delight as I discover how infinitely supported that I truly am, as decisions unfold with ease and I create my life, effortlessly.

2014 is the year of discovering what’s possible when I simply let go. I’m choosing to let the current take me, and I’m ready to live in awe of this journey as I listen & follow the deep call of my soul.

It’s gonna be a frickin’ extraordinary year. I’m already smiling with awe and gratitude. And so it is.


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