Finding treasure in the darkest of places…

Dear One,

It is in depths of caves, in the bottoms of oceans or far beneath the soil that we find the greatest treasure.

If you find yourself facing circumstances that feel like an insurmountable obstacle, like everywhere you turn there are more questions than answers; if you can’t see the end of the darkness and have no idea how or when you will come upon light…know that you are exactly where you need to be to find your greatest treasure.

The only invitation in these moments is to allow yourself to feel it all, to feel yourself held as you hold the part of yourself that is terrified of the dark. It is in your surrender that you discover the wellspring within you, that you discover the power that you have long sought. It is in these unknown spaces in which you have diverged from the usual path, when you feel lost and alone that you open yourself for a new thought.

You might even get curious, “Why would I create this for myself? What gift is now being revealed to me?”

When you understand that all is unfolding for you, and that you always have the power to create good, you make room within you to find the treasure in the darkest of places.

If you feel stuck and in despair…you are right where you need to be. Feel it all and then, know: things are about to get better than you can even imagine.

Taking deep breaths and feeling it all with you.



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